Montobello is an Italian luxury fashion brand,  in leather handbag, founded in 1977 by Valentina Montobello. An orphan at sixteen years old with a passion for fashion designing, Valentina crafted designs in her pocket notebook.

Being the beloved daughter of a Lieutenant in the army, Valentina was afforded many luxuries in the family. A brilliant mind, with the heart of an avid fashionista, she tried her hand at creating leather satchels and totes. With her creativity nurturing and her notebook half-full with designs, one day she came home to the news of the loss of her father.

At the age of sixteen, both of her parents now deceased within six months of each other, Valentina, a student and now orphan was left unto the mercy of her elder brother. Lonely and with all her possessions taken away from her by a malicious sister-in-law, Valentina retreated to her room for many hours in the day to carry on with crafting designs of handbags she only dreamt of making one day.

Valentina Montobello graduated college with a Diploma dell'Accademia di Belle Arti and went to work at enhancing her designs she once thought of as a child. Valentina focused on building a reputable business with strong links to the fashion world and was known to be very superstitious, a quality which increased with age. Her fine eye and unparalleled attention to detail was well known throughout the industry.

Valentina established the luxury handbag store Montobello without ever mass producing the designs she once designed as a child, instead focusing on selling handbags and satisfying customers’ wants and needs. Having realised the importance of the perfect handbag, Valentina went into the business of finding the perfect styles for every woman.

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